Full Schedule For The Asian Film Festival Of Dallas Is Live!

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Full Schedule For The Asian Film Festival Of Dallas Is Live!
It's the most wonderful time of the year!

That's right, the festival that got me hooked on festivals is about begin its eleventh annual event on July 12th and we have the full schedule ready for release! The Asian Film Festival of Dallas is the biggest Asian film festival in the southwest and continues to grow every year. This year around we've got a fantastic line-up of films, many of which have been announced, but in my experience with this fest, it's always the underdogs that end up surprising me most!

In addition to the already announced special screenings of Ace Attorney, Doomsday Book, Scabbard Samurai and others, the AFFD has a bunch of great titles planned for attendees. We're also getting Guns 'N Roses, Dragon (Wu Xia), Viette (the directorial debut of AFFD co-founder Mye Hoang), Pen Ek Ratanauang's Headshot, along with a whole host of smaller features, documentaries, and shorts. This year I'll be paying special attention to the shorts program, as I've been appointed to judge them, so look out for that!

What follows is the complete line-up with Q & A's, directors in attendance, and time and date information. I would like to let any newcomers know that The Asian Film Festival of Dallas is among the finest, most patron friendly festivals around, and on top of all that, it is one of the best in terms of bang for the buck. VIP Passes are on sale, and they are an INSANE value for anyone looking to check out 10 or more films.

Let's do it!
    Thursday 7/12
8:30pm     Opening Night Film, Ace Attorney, 135
    Friday 7/13
12:00 PM     Dangerously Excited, 101
2:00 PM     Love Fiction, 125
4:30 PM     Overheard 2, 121
7:00 PM     Dragon (WU XIA), 114
9:30 PM     Nightfall, 110
11:59 PM     Gyo, 70
    Saturday 7/14
12:00 PM     Student Program, 60 
2:00 PM     Let's Go!, 96
4:00 PM     Give Up Tomorrow, 95
6:30 PM     The Great Magician, 128
9:15 PM     Headshot, 105
11:15 PM     Dark Shorts, 100
    Sunday 7/15
12:00 PM     Experimental Shorts, 45
1:35 PM     Sanjuro, 100
3:35 PM     Guns N' Roses, 108
5:40 PM     Daylight Savings, 73 
7:45 PM     Centerpiece Film, Saya-Zamurai, 105
10:00 PM     Monsters Club, 75
    Monday 7/16
12:00 PM     Drama Shorts, 75
1:30 PM     Lovable, 86
3:15 PM     One Mile Above, 90
5:00 PM     Pearls Of The Far East, 103 
7:30 PM     Yes Or No, 102
9:45 PM     I Am A Ghost, 75 
    Tuesday 7/17
12:00 PM     Golden Slumbers, 96
2:00 PM     Affronted (Shorts), 70  
4:00 PM     Death Of A Cemetery, 75 
6:00 PM     Too Many Villains, 75 
8:00 PM     Kuroneko, 100
10:00 PM     Amok, 82  
    Wednesday 7/18
12:00 PM     China Heavyweight, 89
1:45 PM     Hara Kiri, 135
4:15 PM     Where Heaven Meets Hell, 80 
6:30 PM     10+10, 115
8:45 PM     Viette, 90 
    Thursday 7/19
12:00 PM     The Great Magician (2), 128
2:30 PM     Saya-Zamurai (2), 105
4:45 PM     Guns N' Roses (2), 108
7:00 PM     Closing Night Film, Doomsday Book, 115
9:30 PM     Ace Attorney (2), 135
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