Slick New Trailer for Korean Summer Crime Flick THE THIEVES

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Slick New Trailer for Korean Summer Crime Flick THE THIEVES
This appeared a few days ago but here is the main trailer for the upcoming star-studded Korean summer blockbuster The Thieves. Choi Dong-hun, who has previously lorded over the Korean box office with Tazza: The High Rollers (2006) and Woochi: The Taoist Wizard (2009), is back with a new crime thriller that was shot all across Asia, including Macau. Many have made some early comparisons to the Ocean's Eleven films with it's gang of cool professional thieves looking to knock over a big casino but Choi is quick to dismiss these claims. The film seems to follow the footsteps of two of his earlier films, The Big Swindle (2004) and the aforementioned Tazza, and by all accounts will be more character based than Soderbergh's features.

This new trailer, full of razzle and dazzle, should excite any fan of Asian film as it features some of Korea's biggest stars, including Kim Yun-seok (The Chaser, 2008; The Yellow Sea, 2010; Punch, 2011), Gianna Jun (aka Jeon Ji-hyeon from My Sassy Girl, 2001), Lee Jeong-jae (The Housemaid, 2010), Kim Hye-soo (Tazza) and Oh Dal-su (just about any Korean film you can think of).  However, The Thieves also features some big HK stars like Simon Lam (Election, 2005, Exiled, 2006) and Angelica Lee (Missing, 2008).

I will be lining up opening day when it opens in Korea on July 25 and I understand that distributor Showbox is hoping to make a big international splash with this one so everyone may have a chance to see it soon. In the meantime, check out the new trailer below!
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