Hide Your Daughters! It's Weinberg's House Of Horrors.

Contributor; Reykjavik, Iceland
Hide Your Daughters! It's Weinberg's House Of Horrors.
For those who know, our resident film reviewer and one of the biggest authorities on everything horror on the interwebs Scott Weinberg, loves to talk. Loves it. And he loves to talk horror, if you follow him on twitter, @scottEweinberg, you'll see him give his opinion on just about every horror film out there, everything from Z-grade crap to A-level monstrosities. 
Weinberg has teamed up with GeekNation.com to produce a sort of podcast/commentary hybrid where he watches a favorite horror film and yaks on about it through out the running time. This sort of fan commentary has been done before but rarely do we get a horror geek like Weinberg to gush his hot flowing visdom from his mouth hole in our eager and receptive ears.
His first commentary is for the werewolf classic An American Werewolf In London and you can take a listen to it HERE. Right now there is no way to download the mp3 file to put on your Zune or which ever mp3 player you have but I've been told that that option will be implemented soon. So sit back, relax and enjoy a horror classic with the surprisingly soft and soothing voice of Scott "The Moist" Weinberg.
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