Astron-6/Troma FATHER'S DAY Blu-ray NEW NEWS!

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Astron-6/Troma FATHER'S DAY Blu-ray NEW NEWS!
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Just reported from Troma Team Video both on their Facebook page and in the comments of our own article, Troma has decided to REINSTATE the special features they cut from the Father's Day Blu-ray last week! You can check the links below for past details, but this marks a big improvement in what seems to be a somewhat unsatisfactory situation.

In their official announcement, Troma has stated that the package will go from a 2 disc set to a 4 disc set, which includes a Blu-ray/DVD version of the film, along with deleted scenes, a special features DVD including Behind the Scenes footage, SFX featurettes, and more! The CD soundtrack is BACK on the menu, and will include Night of the Hunter and We Are The Universe among others. Worth noting is the fact that Astron-6's self-produced No Sleep No Surrender will not be available on the disc, nor will the commentary, but according to the guys it will be available down the line at some point (the doc, not necessarily the commentary).

I don't know what changed Troma's mind about this situation, though I think it would be safe to assume that the backlash in support of these features and Astron-6 probably had something to do with it. If we, here at ScreenAnarchy, were of any help at all, then I consider that day's work a success.

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