Watch The Trailer For Cannes-Selected Thriller THE OTHER SIDE OF SLEEP

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Watch The Trailer For Cannes-Selected Thriller THE OTHER SIDE OF SLEEP
Rebecca Daly's hypnotic thriller The Other Side Of Sleep was a personal favorite at Cannes 2011 and with the film's Irish theatrical release coming soon the full trailer has just arrived online.

A sleepwalker. A body. A family. A small community.

Arlene is like a ghost in her life. She lives in a small town in the midlands - surrounded by field after field, woodlands and laneways to disappear down and never come back...

One morning Arlene wakes in the woods beside the body of a young woman. Someone watches from the trees. The body is soon discovered and suspicion spreads through the community. Increasingly drawn to the girl's family - her grieving sister and accused boyfriend, Arlene barricades herself in at night, afraid to sleep. Haunted by grief buried and delayed, Arlene's sleeping and waking realities soon blur. And all this time someone is watching her.
A film that blurs the line between arthouse and genre just as effectively as its lead character's sleep disorder blurs her lines between what's real and what's not, this is engrossing stuff. Check the trailer below.
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