Gael Garcia Bernal Is The New Zorro. IN THE FUTURE!

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Gael Garcia Bernal Is The New Zorro. IN THE FUTURE!
Historical Zorro has been a popular hero of adventure tales for generations now with Antonio Banderas being the latest to play the character on the big screen. And if past-Zorro can be such a big hit imagine, if you will, what people will think of FUTURE-Zorro!

The suits at Fox have done just that and are prepping an upcoming, post-apocalyptic version of the character in a film titled Zorro Reborn. They'll be working from a script by Glenn Gers, Brian McGreevey and Lee Shipman and while Fox is still on the hunt for a director for the project word from Variety is that Mexican star Gael Garcia Bernal will be wearing the mask.

Honestly, I can't imagine how this sort of heroic anachronism can possibly be a good thing, particularly if they aim to play it straight at all. The fun of a Zorro film lies entirely in the fact that it is a historical swashbuckler and trying to place those elements in the future, well ... the original Star Wars did it okay, sure, but that was without the baggage brought by a well established character. I honestly cannot imagine this going well but if it does can a big screen version of Rocket Robin Hood be far behind?
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