The Upright Citizen's Brigade Unleashes Their FREAK DANCE

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The Upright Citizen's Brigade Unleashes Their FREAK DANCE
Amy Poehler thinks your music sounds like murder. And drugs.

About to premiere at the upcoming Austin Film Festival, legendary comedy troupe Upright Citizen's Brigade will be hitting the big screen with Freak Dance. The Austin festival describes it like this:

Make no mistake, FREAK DANCE is a straight-up musical--a brilliant, musical comedy with dance numbers that rival the very films they are parodying. Adapted by Upright Citizens Brigade co-founder, Matt Besser, from the stage show that ran for more than a year at the UCB Theatre, the comedy skips cheap reference humor and goes right for absurdity. FREAK DANCE tells the story of Cocolonia, a spoiled rich girl who just wants to dance, so she sets out to join the ranks of some local street dancers. Little does she know that this will ultimately involve her in an epic battle of good and evil between two warring dance troupes. Besser and Neil Mahoney have created a sure to be cult classic featuring a cast of new comedic actors and fellow UCB Theatre founders Amy Poehler, Matt Walsh, Ian Roberts and Horatio Sanz.
The trailer for this one has just arrived and is looking pretty damn funny. Take a look below.

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