Cute PSA Hypes the Upcoming CEDAR RAPIDS DVD/Blu Ray Release

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Cute PSA Hypes the Upcoming CEDAR RAPIDS DVD/Blu Ray Release

Fox PR passed along this cute PSA for the June 21st DVD/Blu release of the Ed Helms comedy, Cedar Rapids. This is a title that, for various reasons (disinterest not among them, actually) I was unable to catch during its theatrical run. Which is a shame, because Helms and co-star John. C. Reilly are two comedians who I have a lot of time for, but hey, you can't watch everything all the time, right?

Also, I'm not digging the cover art on this one, which conveys a more manic experience than I've been lead to understand the actual movie contains while trying to bring to mind the Apatow poster template that has thankfully been long-abandoned.

Here's the synopsis:

In CEDAR RAPIDS, a naïve small-town Midwesterner (Helms) is sent to represent his company at a regional insurance convention in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, where his mind is blown by the "big city" and he finds himself in the midst of the most unexpected shenanigans.

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