Ajay Devgn Throws Down South Indian Style In Bollywood's SINGHAM Trailer

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Ajay Devgn Throws Down South Indian Style In Bollywood's SINGHAM Trailer
I've complained more than once here about it seems that most of the interesting genre films coming out of India are coming from the Telugu and Tamil language industries, but Bollywood may finally be getting into the game.  This summer sees the release of Singham, a remake of a Tamil film from 2010.  Singham's Hindi incarnation stars Ajay Devgn, most recently from Toonpur Ka Superhero, but also the star of recent hit Bollywood throwbacks Once Upon a Time in Mumbai, Raajneeti, and Vishal Bharadwaj's Othello adaptation, Omkara.  Devgn, has built a reputation for being one of Bollywood's go-to guys for action and this one looks like it'll feature plenty of it.

The action in the trailer is 100% pure South Indian masala stuff., or, if you prefer, the kind of action that Hindi films used to feature that has mostly moved south.  A while back we shared a clip from the Telugu blockbuster Magadheera that featured a Jeep jumping into a helicopter, that kind of stuff is actually pretty common in south Indian cinema, though Hindi films tend to strive for more realism these days.  That is what makes this such a departure for Bollywood, south Indian madness on a Bollywood budget has potential.

In addition to the massively ridiculous looking stunts and action, Reliance have recruited a couple of big name south Telugu actors to fill the supporting roles in Singham.  Starring opposite Devgn is Kajal Agarwal, who also starred in Magadheera and has made a name for herself in a some really big Tamil and Telugu successes.  The film's villain is played by another Telugu mainstay, Prakash Raj, who seems to star in every Telugu film in some capacity.  The actors aren't the only imports, as it seems that Ajay Devgn's very impressive mustache could only have been grown in Tamilnadu.

The trailer feature machetes, gunfire, beatdowns, and Ajay Devgn shooting a car so hard that it explodes into the air.  Fucking nice.  Check it out, Singham is due for release July 22, 2011.
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