The Producers Of COLD PREY Tackle Action-Comedy With JACKPOT

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The Producers Of COLD PREY Tackle Action-Comedy With JACKPOT

It's a combination that doesn't immediately say comedy but that is apparently what we're getting when the producers of Cold Prey - the Norwegian slasher film that triggered the current wave of Nordic genre film - team up with the writer of upcoming heist-action picture Headhunters.

Adapted from the novel by Jo Nesbo, director Magnus Martens is hard at work on Jackpot - Arme Riddere in the original Norwegian - the story of a lottery win gone wrong.

The movie is set in the border country between Norway and Sweden, where we meet a bunch of scruffy guys; Oscar, Thor, Billy and Tresko (The Clog), who share a criminal past.They are working in a strange factory in the middle of nowhere producing plastic Christmas trees. But they are also gamblers. Like most people they never win anything, until now!This is the story of that time they actually won 1.739.361 Norwegian Kroner, a number that proves impossible to divide into four equal parts... and that is when the fun begins!

Though best known as the writer of hard edged crime novels this is clearly a lighter turn for Nesbo and regular ScreenAnarchy readers should recognize at least one face in the cast. Sitting on the right in the picture above is Mads Ousdal, better known in these parts as Arne Treholt - leader of the secret ninja force in Norwegian Ninja. Rounding out the cast are Kyrre Hellum, Henrik Mestad, Andreas Cappelen, Arthur Berning, Lene Kristin Ellingsen, and Fridtjov SÃ¥heim.
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