Todd's Thoughts On SOURCE CODE

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Todd's Thoughts On SOURCE CODE
Duncan Jones' sophomore effort Source Code hits theaters today and is the subject of my weekly column over at Showcase. What did I think? Basically solid but not exceptional and I count leading man Jake Gyllenhaal as the weak point. Here's an excerpt:

The weak point, alas, is leading man Jake Gyllenhaal. Hollywood continues to inexplicably push Gyllenhaal into leading man roles and Gyllenhaal continues to demonstrate that he just doesn't quite have leading man charisma. Much like Guy Pearce, Gyllenhaal excels in smaller character based roles but seems unable to really carry a film on his own. He's never really bad, per se, and he certainly isn't bad here, but this is a film that demands an exceptional performance from its lead and gets one that is only okay. Which is too bad because the other side of this leading couple - Michelle Monaghan - is positively radiant ...

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