AVATAR 2 Will Take Place On ...

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AVATAR 2 Will Take Place On ...

... a big stage full of blue and green screens. Sorry. Couldn't resist. In an interview with Associated Press Michelle Rodriguez announced today that James Cameron's eagerly awaited sequel will take place underwater a claim made more believable by the recent release of the underwater cave film Sanctum which Cameron produced. Cameron is known to research the technical aspects of his films to the nth degree. Rodriguez also let drop that she was uncertain of being cast at this point although Cameron has widely reported that characters surviving the first film will appear in one form or another in the second. 

An unidentified ScreenAnarchy source also reports that Cameron, famous for stretching  the boundaries of what is technically possible in film, will reportedly film Avatar 2 while strapped to a special directors chair deigned to function like the chair from A Clockwork Orange. That's the chair in the movie theater you understand and not the giant penis chair used in the rape scene. In a stunning role reversal Cameron will throw up and cry to signal his cameramen and actors, instead of waiting for them to throw up and cry to signal they can't take anymore. 

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