'Take Me Home Tonight' music video. Totally awesome, dude.

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'Take Me Home Tonight' music video. Totally awesome, dude.
Now that we're a couple decades past the 80s I find I am a touch more nostalgic for them than I was, say, ten years ago. I'm only realizing that these last few years that they were far more formative than I care to admit. And while socially for years, anything 'Retro' seemed to be limited to just 80s music, my generation of film nerds would seem to be having our own period of reminiscing as of late; perhaps further amplified by our own 80s series going on here in Toronto. 

So take a moment and enjoy this music video from the upcoming flick Take Me Home Tonight featuring the cast of the film reenacting key moments from some of that decades more memorable films. 'Don't you want me' by Atomic Tom. Can you name them all? 
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