Poster Art For Noboru Iguchi's TOMIE UNLIMITED

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Poster Art For Noboru Iguchi's TOMIE UNLIMITED
So, we'll soon be finidng out what else Noboru Iguchi can do. The director of Machine Girl and Robo Geisha has built up a loyal following with his cheeky and over the top gory action-splatter comedies but when he took the helm for the latest installment of the long running Tomie series Iguchi promised we'd be seeing a new side to his work. Was he just talking when he said his take on Tomie would be dark and true to the spirit of Junji Ito's original horror manga? Not according to the new poster, which is all sorts of nasty.

Tsukiko, who belongs to a photography club at high school, always feels inferior to her sister Tomie. Tomie is very beautiful and popular with male students. But one day Tomie dies in an awful accident right under Tsukiko's nose. Since then Tsukiko suffers from a nightmare every night. One year passes and on dead Tomie's 18th birthday, someone knocks the door of Tsukiko's house. Unbelievably, it is Tomie. She's back. The father and the mother blindly welcome Tomie but only Tsukiko feels instinct fear. Tomie gradually reveals her true face only when she is with Tsukiko. Tsukiko's nightmare becomes true... and horrible days begin.

With a May release planned we should be seeing the first trailer for this one soon.
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