A New Trailer For Q's GANDU!

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A New Trailer For Q's GANDU!
With potent Indian indie cult drama Gandu - it means Asshole, regardless of what the poster may say - becoming one of the surprise festival hits of the year as it astounds audiences in Park City and Berlin, director Q has cut a new trailer for his angry rap fueled tour de force.

There's plenty in the ScreenAnarchy archives about this one if you want to know more but if you're coming to it fresh then I'd recommend hitting the trailer first before digging any deeper and just let it hit you pure.
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jahanbakshi7May 2, 2011 6:36 AM

Actually, 'Gandu', to be more accurate means 'bugger' or (ass-) 'f**ker' as opposed to 'asshole'. However, the title 'loser' or 'asshole' fits the film too, so I guess they went with it. As we see with many foreign language films, the translation (into an English title) isn't always exact, but often an approximation.