Burton's Alice To Star In Park Chan-Wook's STOKER

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Burton's Alice To Star In Park Chan-Wook's STOKER
The Oldboy director's English language debut is moving ahead and, from the sounds of things, he's got his star.

The talk of Park Chan-Wook making an English language feature has been around literally for years now but it wasn't until he became attached to Black List script Stoker - written by Prison Break star Wentworth Miller - that the prospects of this actually happening became a reality.

At the time of the initial announcement the talk was of Carey Mulligan and Jodie Foster taking the lead parts. Neither is involved any more but word came out yesterday that Mia Wasikowska from Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland is now in advanced negotiations to take the role. Which means at this point Park wants her and she wants to do it and it's all about dollars, cents and scheduling.

Under normal circumstances I'd be a little upset at Carey Mulligan walking away from anything - I think she's fantastic - but in this case I think it may be for the best as Mulligan always feels just a little bit fragile to be dropped into a world orchestrated by Park. I'd be afraid he'd break her. And there's no doubt that Wasikowska is also a seriously talented young lady.
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