[UPDATE] Video Home Invasion Arrow Films Argento Giveaway!!

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[UPDATE] Video Home Invasion Arrow Films Argento Giveaway!!
[Rodney reminded me that I should give you guys a heads up that the Argento giveaway ends tonight!  Get your entries in, this is a great prize!  Also, look out for another Arrow Video prize pack tonight!]

In addition to being one of the coolest home video labels out there, Arrow Video are also totally generous!  In the introduction to my Arrow Video column last week, I hinted that Arrow Video promised me some giveaways.  Well, they have delivered better than I had even imagined!  In the next week or so I will be giving away one copy of every single title in the Arrow Video collection!  That is a ton!  I thought that to get it started, we should drop a big package on one lucky reader!

For today's giveaway, one reader will get a prize pack with one copy each of Arrow Video's DVDs of Sleepless, Terror at the Opera, Two Evil Eyes, The Stendhal Syndrome, and The Card Player; in addition that reader will get a copy of their brand new Blu-ray edition of Inferno!  That's a whole stack of Argento!  Anyone is eligible, however, I want you all to be aware that the DVDs are all in PAL standard!  If you are in Europe or Australia, you should be fine.  The rest of you, please be sure that you can play these discs before you enter!

I've been trying all day to think of a good way to give these away, and I've not come up with much, but here goes.  Easy trivia:  What piece of clothing do many of Argento's murderers have in common?  It is often the only part of the killer we see for the first few reels.

See?   Easy!

Send your answer to me here!

I'll take entries through Monday, October 11. I will select one correct e-mail at random, and announce a winner!

I want lots of entries! Retweet this, Facebook it! Get the word out, the more entries I get, the more stuff I'll be able to give away!

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