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Coming soon from director Nick Hamm and the writers of The Commitments is the true story of Neil and Ivan McCormick. You don't know them. But you might have. You see, they're the Irish kids who dreamed of rock and roll stardom in the 1970s. Might have made it, too, if they weren't completely overshadowed by their classmate Paul Hewson, who you may know better as Bono.

Neil McCormick, a punk schoolboy in Dublin in the 1970s wants to be famous, more than famous, he's certain his destiny is to be a rock god. He and his little brother Ivan have it all worked out: the platinum albums, the stadium concerts, the screaming girls, the quest for world peace. There's one thing they hadn't counted on, the small boy quietly sitting on the other side of the classroom has plans of his own. And his name is Bono. And there's another thing, Bono tells Neil he wants Ivan for his band. And Neil's not going to tell him...
Adapted from Neil's autobiography of the same name the film stars Ben Barnes and Robert Sheehan as the brothers at the center of the story with Pete Postlethwaite, Peter Serafinowicz and Krysten Ritter in support roles along with Martin McCann as Bono himself. The music side of things is being handled by Joe Echo and Mike Hedges, and with Hedges boasting credits that include work with U2, The Cure, Siouxie and the Banshees and The Manic Street Preachers we can expect things to sound rather good.

Currently in post there is no trailer for the film yet but we do have a gallery of stills below.

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