Amateur Scribe Jason Rothenberg Steps Into TWILIGHT ZONE

Amateur Scribe Jason Rothenberg Steps Into TWILIGHT ZONE
Jason Rothenberg, a scribe whose sole IMDB writing credit is a TV movie called Body Politic, has been hired by Warner Bros. and Leonardo DiCaprio's company Appian Way to write a new Twilight Zone film. According to Deadline, there's no word if the new film will take stories from the original series and reimagine them, like the 1983 Joe Dante film, but that's what to be expected. This is a damn terrific assignment for someone with not too much credit under his belt. Here's hoping the beloved series is treated with dignity.

So what episode would you most like to see get the big screen treatment? Personally I loved Dante's version of Jerome Bixby's "It' a Good Life," first adapted in a season 3 Twilight Zone episode of the same name. It would be cool to see them tackle one of the more heavy episodes though, like "People Are Alike All Over" or "Will the Real Martian Please Stand Up." What do you guys think?
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