Who Needs Superman When You Have MR AND MRS INCREDIBLE?

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Who Needs Superman When You Have MR AND MRS INCREDIBLE?
Well, what do you know ... Peter Chan has a sense of humor. Best known as the director of epics both military (Warlords) and dramatic (Perhaps Love), Chan is serving as producer on Vincent Kok's superhero comedy Mr And Mrs Incredible. Louis Koo, Koo's very silly moustache, and Sandra Ng star as a pair of masked heroes who try to settle down to a normal life only to have their plans disrupted when a martial arts tournament comes to town and, from the looks of things, this is going to be big, broad slapstick.

They have released a proper trailer yet, not one that includes footage from the film, but what they have released is a trio of promo videos, each telling some story from the lives of the super duo. They golf an egg through time. They beat America to the moon. And, of course, they render Superman completely unnecessary. Check all three out below.
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