US Trailer For Irish Black Comedy A FILM WITH ME IN IT

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US Trailer For Irish Black Comedy A FILM WITH ME IN IT
Ian Fitzgibbon's A Film With Me In It is a personal favorite of mine, a biting dark comedy that features a stellar performance from Dylan Moran (Shaun of the Dead, Black Books) as one of the leads.  IFC sat on this one in the US for a good long time but it's finally available and they've finally cut a new US trailer for it. The good news about the trailer: It's bloody hilarious. The bad news? It's pretty much entirely made of footage from the back half of the film, which means the way it presents the film is not exactly how the film actually plays out. But, you know, daddy's got to eat and this'll sell tickets.

Mark (Mark Doherty) is having a bad day. A struggling actor, he's just been through the ordeal of yet another fruitless audition for a bit part in a movie. With his long--suffering girlfriend about to walk out and his landlord ready to evict him he's only got his best mate Pierce (Dylan Moran) and their joint ambition of writing a career--breaking film to sustain him. Life's not easy, but things are about to get worse...much worse, and then someone dies and things get really bad.

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