Erik Van Looy's THE ALZHEIMER CASE Gets A Sequel With DOSSIER K

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Erik Van Looy's THE ALZHEIMER CASE Gets A Sequel With DOSSIER K
In 2003 Belgian director Erik Van Looy did something very unusual.  He took on Hollywood on Hollywood's own terms and came away a clear winner.  Sure, the Hollywood Van Looy was living in was arguably more the 1970s version than that of the 2000's but still ... when accepted wisdom is that you leave the high end thrillers to the well funded Hollywood machine and focus on smaller art film ... well, you know.  But Van Looy did exactly the opposite of what prevailing wisdom would suggest a smart director do in Europe.  He created one very stylish, very smart thriller called The Alzheimer Case and came away with a huge international hit, a success he would duplicate with another tightly wrought thriller in The Loft a couple years later.

Well, Van Looy has never really left the world of The Alzheimer Case behind, working ever since on a script for a sequel - a script he would complete but, because of a contractual tie-up, be unable to direct himself.  That script is Dossier K, a film that reunites actors Koen de Bouw and Werner de Smedt, who reprise their Alzheimer roles in another slick, violent cop thriller with Jan Verheyen directing.  Check the trailer below!
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