Tran Ahn Hung's I COME WITH THE RAIN Hits DVD In January!

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Tran Ahn Hung's I COME WITH THE RAIN Hits DVD In January!
Still no sign at all of Tran Ahn Hung's English language thriller I Come With The Rain on local shores but no worries:  The impatient among you with a hankering to see the Josh Hartnett / Lee Byung-Hyeon / Shawn Yue / Kimura Takuya thriller will soon have your chance to do just that thanks to an impending Japanese DVD release.

Kline, an ex-cop in Los Angeles traumatized by slaying a serial killer, is hired by a powerful corporate boss to go to the Philippines and find Shitao, his missing son. Kline's leads take him to Hong Kong. Torn between good and evil, caught in the crossfire between a mafia drug ring and the police, he tracks down Shitao, who has become a mysterious vagrant.

Not having seen this myself I can't verify that the film plays 100% in English but every trailer that I have seen so far features all of the stars - even the Asian ones - working in English so the lack of subtitles on this release shouldn't be too much of an issue.
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