THE WAVE's Dennis Gansel Goes Vamp With WE ARE THE NIGHT

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THE WAVE's Dennis Gansel Goes Vamp With WE ARE THE NIGHT
Kudos to the lads at Quiet Earth for spotting the first teaser for Dennis Gansel's We Are The Night (Wir Sind Die Nacht) - an upcoming vampire picture from the acclaimed director that just went into production in October.

Now, while I wouldn't call what is happening in Germany right now a genre renaissance there is certainly a growing openness to smart, high end material with a strong genre tint to it and Gansel is one of the leaders of that movement, tapping into a much more youthful approach to his films than has been the norm in Germany for quite some time.

This one?  This one revolves around a young woman initiated into a trio of vampires, a woman who initially enjoys the new rush of power but eventually tires of the bloodlust and tries to distance herself from the others and lead a quiet life.  This, of course, does not go over well.  Given that Gansell's previous film was based on the true story of a high school experiment with fascism gone wrong I'd expect this to appeal to a relatively young crowd while also steadfastly refusing to pander to it.  So no Twilight softness here.

The teaser shows next to nothing - understandably given how freshly into production they are - but can be found below.
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