Dear Mr Seagal: That Thing On Your Head? Never Wear That Again.

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Dear Mr Seagal: That Thing On Your Head? Never Wear That Again.
You know what I love about Steven Seagal?  I love that he - or someone close to him - thinks that wearing a do-rag will make him appear 'street' as opposed to 'silly', 'old' or 'fat'. I love that his next film after this one is one that he wrote himself and that he named his own character Handsome B. Wonderful. And I love that despite becoming a bizarre, puffy caricature of what he once was he can still star in a film called A Dangerous Man and sort of make you believe that he really is.  And you know what else I love?  The totally gratuitous, single frame nude shot included in the promo reel for said film to demonstrate that Seagal's still got that magnetic power over the ladies. 

This one started life titled On The Run, which is how it's referred to in the promo reel below, but then someone realized that a man as dangerous as Seagal would never really run, he would only appear to as a tactical maneuver to give his enemies a false sense of security.  And so the title was changed.

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