AFM 09: 'The Eternal', coming to a subway station near you!

Contributing Editor; Toronto, Canada (@Mack_SAnarchy)
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AFM 09: 'The Eternal', coming to a subway station near you!
Shimmering vampires be damned. If there still were any questions about which direction Toronto based director Justin McConnell was taking his vampire flick The Eternal this teaser trailer cut for AFM should stand as a clear indication.

Interesting fact. You have to submit the recipe for the blood you're using on set when filming on location in our subway system here in Toronto. Health and Safety regulations. Wacky.

Justin and executive producer Lorne Gross will be at AFM this year repping Justin's film.
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Ard VijnNovember 3, 2009 1:17 PM

That health-and-safety rule sounds like there is a past accident attached to it. Maybe someone used real pig's blood once or something? You can get the damnedest skin diseases from such a thing, and I can imagine local authorities not being too thrilled about it.

It cannot be as bad as in Amsterdam where a bored medical student sawed off the arm of a corpse he was supposed to be studying, took it outside with him and stuck it between the closing doors of a tram as a joke.

No additional health-and-safety rules were necessary: what he had done was already quite illegal. Rest assured there is no chance anymore whatsoever that you'll meet this guy in the Netherlands in any sort of medical profession...