Get Killed. Slowly.

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Get Killed.  Slowly.
Richard Gale's The Horribly Slow Murderer With The Extremely Inefficient Weapon - in which Gale takes a not-at-all-subtle but very, very funny jab at the entire torture porn genre - has won itself a lot of fans around the globe over the past year.  It seems that every time I have traveled to a festival over the past year Gale has been there too, screening this film to packed houses and - more often than not - collecting a nice piece of hardware in the form of audience and critics awards when things wrap up.  And when not at festivals he's been spending a lot of time having unauthorized, bootleg versions of the film removed from YouTube.  But no more!  Gale has bowed to the inevitable and put it up there himself and made sure it went up in HD this time so you can enjoy it in as high quality as possible.  Check it out below.  But be sure to lock your cutlery drawer first.
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