TIFF 09: Trailer Arrives For Jamie Travis' THE ARMOIRE

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TIFF 09: Trailer Arrives For Jamie Travis' THE ARMOIRE
11 year-old Aaron plays a game of Hide and Seek in which his friend Tony is never found. The mystery of their relationship and of their queer attachment to the armoire in Aaron's bedroom can only be revealed, it turns out, through hypnosis. At once a comedy, a horror and a melodrama, Jamie Travis' The ArmoireSaddest Children in the World trilogy. is the resounding finale to his
Jamie Travis is a film maker that has received much love in these pages over the years, his short films ranking among the most consistently engaging and creative and just plain odd to emerge from Canada in recent days.  And now you don't just have to take my word for it:  The trailer for his latest work, The Armoire, has just arrived and lurks below.
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