Comic Con 2009 Horror Comics / Film Panel!

Comic Con 2009 Horror Comics / Film Panel!

The cool folks you meet along the way have been and will continue to be one of the best things about writing for a site like ScreenAnarchy. One such swell individual is (Twitch fave) Pop Skull producer Peter Katz. Peter has helped spearhead a panel at this year's Comic Con focused on translating genre comics into films. Those lucky enough to attend the Con are encouraged to seek the Horror Comics / Film Panel out for an interesting dialog between a spread of up-and-coming and well-established genre figures...


FRIDAY, JULY 24 | 6:30p - 7:30p | ROOM 30AB

Aintitcool's Mark L. Miller discusses all things horror with the creators behind some of the scariest comics/films: Kevin Grevioux (actor/co-writer of Underworld), Marv Wolfman (creator of Blade), Tim Seely (creator of Hack/Slash), Whitley Strieber (creator of The Nye Incidents), Todd Lincoln (director/producer of The Nye Incidents), Jeff Katz (creator of Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash), Steven C.Miller (writer/director of Automaton Transfusion), Adam Wingard (Pop Skull), and Ryan Schifrin (creator of Spooks).

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