Teaser Trailer for Turkish Mafia Gangster film - KABADAYI ( 2007 )

Teaser Trailer for Turkish Mafia Gangster film - KABADAYI ( 2007 )

KABADAYI - Following on from Todds mini Turkish film roundup, here comes another genre film from Turkey which looks very interesting, the story is based around a old bully having to fight the mafia for his son.

The days of glory are over for Ali Osman, once one of the mightiest men in the streets of Istanbul. Yet the fate has a surprise for him, as he finds out that he has a grown up son from a woman, he once loved head over heels.

His son Murat is working in a bar, together with his girlfriend Karaca.

However, Devran, a young and reckless mafiosi is also in love with the same girl. He is ready to destroy everyone and everything that stands between him and Karaca.

The life has a new duty for Ali, Osman now... He has to defend his new found son and her girlfriend against the wrath of Devran

The film opens in Turkey December 14th.

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