The 43rd Golden Horse Awards Nominations

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The 43rd Golden Horse Awards Nominations were announced last Monday. The number of films that were submitted this year is 82, however some were withdrawn. The winners will be announced on November 25th, 2006. “Perhaps Love” is currently leading with 12 nominations.

UPDATE: Winners for the 43rd Golden Horse Awards have been announced.Congratulations to all the winners!

[Best Feature Film]
Crazy Stone
Perhaps Love
After This Our Exile
Last Year’s Winner: Kung Fu Hustle

[Best Short Film]
Next Door
53 Flower House
The Secret in the Wind
Days on the Crosswalk
Last Year’s Winner: How’s Life? 〔Tommy Yu〕

[Best Documentary]
My Football Summer
Last Year’s Winner: Jump! Boys〔Lin Yu Hsien〕

[Best Director]
Ning Hao, Crazy Stone
Johnnie To, Exiled
Su Chao Pin, Silk
Peter Chan Ho Sun, Perhaps Love
Last Year’s Winner: Stephen Chow, Kung Fu Hustle

[Best Leading Actor]
Sam Lee, Dog Bite Dog
Francis Ng, Wo Hu
Aaron Kwok, After This Our Exile
Chang Chen, The Go Master
Last Year’s Winner: Aaron Kwok, Divergence

[Best Leading Actress]
Siqin Gaowa, The Postmodern Life of My Aunt
Lee Sinje, Re-cycle
Zhou Zun, Perhaps Love
Carina Lau, Curiosity Kills the Cat
Last Year’s Winner: Shu Qui, Three Times

[Best Supporting Actor]
Chapman To, Moonlight in Tokyo
Wu Zhong Tian, The Touch of Fate
Goum Ian Iskander, After This Our Exile
Joseph Chang, Eternal Summer
Last Year’s Winner: Anthony Wong ,Initial D

[Best Supporting Actress]
Amy Chum, My Mother is a Belly Dancer
Zhao Wei, The Postmodern Life of my Aunt
Nikki Shie, Reflections
Pearlly Chua, I Don’t Want to Sleep Alone
Last Year’s Winner: Yuen Qiu, Kung Fu Hustle

[Best New Performer]
Wu Zhong Tian, The Touch of Fate
Goum Ian Iskandar, After This Our Exile
Bryant Chang, Eternal Summer
Joseph Chang, Eternal Summer
Last Year’s Winner: Jay Chou, Initial D and Isabella Leong,Bug Me Not!

[Best Original Screenplay]
Ning Hao, Crazy Stone
Su Chao Pin, Silk
Pan Zhi Yuan and Liu Hsueh Jung, The Touch of Fate
Tam Ka Ming and Tian Koi Leong, After This Our Exile
Last Year’s Winner: Yau Nai Hoi, Yip Tin Shing ,Initial D

[Best Screenplay Adaption]
Ning Dai and Zhang Yuan, Little Red Flowers
Li Qiang, The Postmodern Life of My Aunt
Edmond Wong, Dragon Tiger Gate
Last Year’s Winner: Feng Xiao Gang / Wang Gang / Lin Li Sheng / Zhang Jia Lu ,A World Without Thieves

[Best Cinematography]
Zhang Li, The Banquet
Peter Pau, Perhaps Love
Mark Lee Ping Bing, After This Our Exile
Wang Yu, After This Our Exile
Last Year’s Winner: Anthony Pun, Divergence

[Best Visual Effects]
Ng Yuen Fai, Re-cycle
Foo Sing Choong, Silk
So Siu Lun and Pornpol Sakarin, Perhaps Love
Eddy Wong and Victor Wong, A Chinese Tall Story
Last Year’s Winner: Frankie Chung / Don Ma / Tam Kai Kwan / Franco Hung, Kung Fu Hustle

[Best Art Direction]
Tim Yip, The Banquet
Narongchai Aunn-Jai, Re-cycle
Yee Chung Man and Peter Wong, Perhaps Love
Emi Wada and Etsuko Aikou, The Go Master
Last Year’s Winner: Wang Yi Fei, The Shoe Fairy

[Best Makeup & Costume Design]
Tim Yip, The Banquet
Yee Chung Man and Dora Ng, Perhaps Love
Tam Ka Ming and Tu Hsu Chung, After This Our Exile
Emi Wada, The Go Master
Last Year’s Winner: Shirley Chan, Kung Fu Hustle

[Best Action Choreography]
Ling Chun Pong and Wong Chi Wai, Exiled
Donnie Yen, Dragon Tiger Gate
Stephen Tung and Farah Khan, Perhaps Love
Yuan Woo Ping, Huo Yuan Jia
Last Year’s Winner: Lau Kar Leung / Tung Wai / Xiong Xin Xin, Seven Swords

[Best Original Film Score]
Tan Dun, The Banquet
Peter Kam, Silk
Peter Kam and Leon Ko, Perhaps Love
Lim Giong, Do Over
Last Year’s Winner: Cincin Lee,Blue Cha-Cha

[Best Original Film Song]
Longing in Silence (from The Banquet)
Crossroad (from Perhaps Love)
Urge (from Reflections)
Eternal Summer (from Eternal Summer)
Last Year’s Winner: Sunglight (from Jump! Boys ) 〔James Ho〕

[Best Film Editing]
Du Yuan ,Crazy Stone
David Richardson, Exiled
Wenders Li, Kong Chi Leung(HKSE), Perhaps Love
Chen Po Wen, Do Over
Last Year’s Winner: Yau Chu Wai, Divergence

[Best Sound Effect]
Jadet Chawang ,Re-cycle
Kinson TSANG ,Perhaps Love
Tu Du Chi,Guo Li Chi, and Ke Yi Jun, Amour- Legende
Tu Duu Chih and Tang Shiang Chu ,I Don't Want To Sleep Alone
Last Year’s Winner: May Mok / Charlie Lo, Election

[Formoz Film Award]
The Touch of Fate
Do Over
Days on The Crosswalk

[Formoz Filmmaker Award]
Kuo Lichi
Pan Zhi Yuan
Berlin Chen

[Special Award]
Cheng Tzu-Fu

Source: Golden Awards

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DaveOctober 29, 2006 5:15 AM

Some discussion of the snubbings here..

BrianOctober 29, 2006 6:32 AM

If Aaron Kwok wins again, I will kill someone. Also, am I the only person who hated Perhaps Love?

traderOctober 29, 2006 10:47 AM

Perhaps Love is an overrated big pile of boring shit.

nainaa AdamJanuary 27, 2007 11:25 AM

congrats to Sam Lee....

luv & support!!!