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The Baeksang Arts Awards have always been one of the most important Awards ceremonies in Korean Cinema (and TV), ever since their beginning in the mid 60s. Although not as 'fair' as the Busan Film Critics' Association Awards, or the Critics Association, they're a little less influenced by behind the scenes politics compared to the other big two (Grand Bell and Blue Dragon), as their choices in nominees and winners every year show. This year will probably be no different, as the show will present its winners on April 14 (live on SBS), for its 42nd Edition. The nominees have already been announced, and here's the list, along with a few comments and predictions.

UPDATE April 14
I'm going to try updating this in real time every 20 Minutes or so, as the winners are announced.


대상 - 영화 (Daesang - Film)

Lee Joon-Ik
왕의 남자 (The King and The Clown), director

COMMENT: The Daesang (lit. Big Prize) is the most important prize of the night, similar to that 'Star of the Year' award I gave in my year end lists (only difference being that this award is worth something, obviously). Predictable, but deserved choice. Lee woke up Chungmuro completely thanks to his triumph, which is ending its box office run on April 27, around the 12.3 Million tickets. Congratulations.

작품상 (Best Film)

- 사랑니 (Blossom Again), Dir. Jung Ji-Woo
- 왕의 남자 (The King and The Clown), Dir. Lee Joon-Ik
- 친절한 금자씨 (Sympathy For Lady Vengeance), Dir. Park Chan-Wook
- 혈의 누 (Blood Rain), dir. Kim Dae-Seung
- 형사 Duelist, dir. Lee Myung-Se

WHO SHOULD WIN: Of course I'm partial to Duelist, but a Sympathy For Lady Vengeance win would have me smiling anyway
WHO WILL PROBABLY WIN: 12+ Million tickets, incredibly positive word of mouth and tons of acclaim from the press for many reasons says The King and The Clown
WINNER: Blood Rain

COMMENT: Of course this will be one of the most controversial choices, but it's not the first time (and probably not the last either) that Baeksang chooses something surprising. Still, like I wrote in the comments, I liked a lot all these films. I just didn't expect this to win, but the film won a lot of respect in the industry for its great script and production values, good (but not great) directing and a good cast.

감독상 (Best Director)

- 김지운 (Kim Jee-woon), 달콤한 인생 (A Bittersweet Life)
- 박진표 (Park Jin-Pyo), 너는 내 운명 (You're My Sunshine)
- 박찬욱 (Park Chan-Wook), 친절한 금자씨 (Sympathy For Lady Vengeance)
- 이명세 (Lee Myung-Se), 형사 (Duelist)
- 이준익 (Lee Joon-Ik), 왕의 남자 (The King and The Clown)

WHO SHOULD WIN: Park Chan-Wook or Lee Myung-Se
WINNER: Lee Myung-Se

COMMENT: One of the few 'smile on my face' moments of the night. All top notch works, but frankly I think what Lee did with Duelist is more important than all the others' achievements, however great they are.

신인감독상 (Best New Director)

- 김대우 (Kim Dae-Woo), 음란서생 (Forbidden Quest)
- 김성수 (Kim Sung-Soo), 야수 (Running Wild)
- 박광현 (Park Gwang-Hyun), 웰컴투 동막골 (Welcome To Dongmakgol)
- 방은진 (Bang Eun-Jin), 오로라 공주 (Princess Aurora)
- 윤종빈 (Yoon Jong-Bin), 용서받지 못한 자 (The Unforgiven)

WHO SHOULD WIN: Park Gwang-Hyun
WINNER: Kim Dae-Woo

COMMENT: Slightly controversial, but still a good pick. The film was well received by critics and did well at the box office.

최우수연기상 - 남 (Best Leading Actor)

- 박해일 (Park Hae-Il), 연애의 목적 (Rules of Dating)
- 이병헌 (Lee Byung-Heon), 달콤한 인생 (A Bittersweet Life)
- 정진영 (Jung Jin-Young), 왕의 남자 (The King and The Clown)
- 차승원 (Cha Seung-Won), 혈의 누 (Blood Rain)
- 황정민 (Hwang Jung-Min), 너는 내운명 (You're My Sunshine)

WHO SHOULD WIN: Hwang Jung-Min
WINNER: Lee Byung-Heon

COMMENT: This was more a case of personal taste, so anyone could have won. Happy Lee took the prize though, he deserves all the acclaim.

최우수연기상 - 여 (Best Leading Actress)

- 강혜정 (Kang Hye-Jung), 연애의 목적 (Rules of Dating)
- 엄정화 (Eom Jung-Hwa), 오로라 공주 (Princess Aurora)
- 이영애 (Lee Young-Ae), 친절한 금자씨 (Sympathy For Lady Vengeance)
- 장진영 (Jang Jin-Young), 청연 (Blue Swallow)
- 전도연 (Jeon Do-Yeon), 너는 내운명 (You're My Sunshine)

WHO SHOULD WIN: Jang Jin-Young
WHO WILL PROBABLY WIN: Lee Young-Ae or Jeon Do-Yeon
WINNER: Lee Young-Ae

COMMENT: Again, mostly personal taste. Personally I think a lot of Lee Young-Ae's transformation goes back to the way Park Chan-Wook wrapped the film around her past image and tried to destroy it, but it's a great performance nonetheless. Still, Jang Jin-Young (and even Jeon Do-Yeon) deserved this a little more.

신인연기상 - 남 (Best New Actor)

- 문정혁 (Moon Jung-Hyuk), 6월의 일기 (Bystanders)
- 이준기 (Lee Joon-Gi), 왕의 남자 (The King and The Clown)
- 이태성 (Lee Tae-Sung), 사랑니 (Blossom Again)
- 천정명 (Cheon Jung-Myung), 태풍태양 (The Aggressives)
- 하정우 (Ha Jung-Woo), 용서받지 못한자 (The Unforgiven)

WINNER: Lee Joon-Gi

COMMENT: No surprises. Ha Jung-Woo starred in 'too little' a film to be noticed by everyone, so the next in line was Lee.

신인연기상 - 여 (Best New Actress)

- 김아중 (Kim Ah-Joong), 광식이 동생 광태 (When Romance Meets Destiny)
- 김옥빈 (Kim Ok-Bin), 여고괴담4 (Voice)
- 김유미 (Kim Yoo-Mi), 종려나무숲 (The Windmill Palm Grove) [Did they miss the last 6 years she worked in the industry?]
- 송혜교 (Song Hye-Gyo), 파랑주의보 (My Girl & I)
- 정유미 (Jung Yoo-Mi), 사랑니 (Blossom Again)

WINNER: Jung Yoo-Mi

COMMENT: Totally deserved. This girl will make it huge. Huge.

시나리오 - 각본 (Best Screenplay)

- 고윤희 (Go Yoon-Hee), 연애의 목적 (Rules of Dating)
- 김대우 (Kim Dae-Woo), 음란서생 (Forbidden Quest)
- 이원재 (Lee Won-Jae), 혈의 누 (Blood Rain)
- 정지우 (Jung Ji-Woo), 사랑니 (Blossom Again)
- 최석환 (Choi Seok-Hwan), 왕의 남자 (The King and The Clown)

WINNER: Go Yoon-Hee

COMMENT: All good scripts, so anything was fine. I prefer Lee Won-Jae's, but that's just because I'm a history nut.


대상 - 방송 (Daesang - TV)

내 이름은 김삼순 (My Lovely Sam-Soon)

COMMENT: 50.5% Ratings and the re-drawing of Cinderella tropes...

작품상 (Best TV Drama)

- 내이름은 김삼순 (My Lovely Sam-Soon) - MBC (PD: Kim Yoon-Cheol/Writer: Kim Do-Woo)
- 장밋빛 인생 (Life in Pink) - KBS2 (PD: Kim Jong-Chang/Writer: Moon Young-Nam)
- 토지 (Land) - SBS (PD: Lee Jong-Han/Writer: Lee Hong-Gu) [EXCUSE ME?]
- 패션 70'S (Fashion Seventies) - SBS (PD: Lee Jae-Gyu/Writer: Jung Sung-Hee)
- 황금사과 (Golden Apple) - KBS2 (PD: Shin Chang-Seok/Writer: Kim Woon-Kyung)

WHO SHOULD WIN: Life in Pink or Fashion Seventies

COMMENT: You know, I had this uncle in the countryside who made a killer goat cheese. What do you say, I'm on crack? Perhaps a bit less than those who chose this award. They gave it not only to the worst of the five, but one which didn't deserve to be there in the first place. Oh well. It's SBS after all.

연출상 (Best Producer)

- 김윤철 (Kim Yoon-Cheol), 내이름은 김삼순 (My Lovely Sam-Soon) - MBC
- 김종창 (Kim Jong-Chang), 장밋빛 인생 (Life in Pink) - KBS2
- 이종한 (Lee Jong-Han), 토지 (Land) - SBS [No, we're impartial. Really. Even if we're airing on SBS!]

WHO SHOULD WIN: Kim Jong-Chang
WINNER: Kim Jong-Chang

COMMENT: Deserved win, although many deserving PDs (Park Chan-Hong, Lee Jae-Gyu, Lee Byung-Hoon and more) were left out.

신인연출상 (Best New Producer)

- 김규태 (Kim Gyu-Tae), 이 죽일놈의 사랑 (A Love To Kill) - KBS2 TV DRAMA
- 유인식 (Yoo In-Shik), 불량주부 (Woman of the House) - SBS TV DRAMA
- 임태우 (Im Tae-Woo), 제5공화국 (The Fifth Republic) - MBC TV DRAMA

WINNER: Kim Gyu-Tae

COMMENT: I guess the visuals of the Drama were enough to convince them. Too bad for the script. This guy directs great Dramacity specials, but his Miniseries debut was pretty bad.

최우수연기상 - 남 (Best Leading Actor)

- 김주혁 (Kim Ju-Hyeok), 프라하의 연인 (Lovers in Prague) - SBS
- 손현주 (Son Hyun-Joo), 장밋빛 인생 (Life in Pink) - KBS2
- 엄태웅 (Eom Tae-Woong), 부활 (Rebirth) - KBS2

WHO WILL PROBABLY WIN: Eom Tae-Woong, or insanity
WINNER: Insanity

COMMENT: Now you probably know by now how much I respect Kim Ju-Hyeok as an actor... BUT. Eom Tae-Woong gave the best performance (Film or Drama) of 2005. Period. So insanity won after all.

최우수연기상 - 여 (Best Leading Actress)

- 김선아 (Kim Seon-Ah), 내이름은 김삼순 (My Lovely Sam-Soon) - MBC
- 김현주 (Kim Hyun-Joo), 토지 (Land) - SBS [HAHAHAHAHA]
- 최진실 (Choi Jin-Shil), 장밋빛 인생 (Life in Pink) - KBS2

WHO WILL PROBABLY WIN: Kim Seon-Ah or Choi Jin-Shil
WINNER: Choi Jin-Shil

COMMENT: Deserved win, and it's nice to see Choi getting accolades after years of indifference.

신인연기상 - 남 (Best New Actor)

- 강지환 (Kang Ji-Hwan), 굳세어라 금순아 (Be Strong, Geum-Soon) - MBC
- 주지훈 (Joo Ji-Hoon), 궁 (Princess Hours) - MBC
- 천정명 (Cheon Jung-Myung), 패션 70'S (Fashion Seventies) - SBS

WHO SHOULD WIN: Cheon Jung-Myung
WINNER: Cheon Jung-Myung

COMMENT: Again, no surprise.

신인연기상 - 여 (Best New Actress)

- 남상미 (Nam Sang-Mi), 달콤한 스파이 (Sweet Spy) - MBC
- 윤은혜 (Yoon Eun-Hye), 궁 (Princess Hours) - MBC
- 이영아 (Lee Young-Ah), 황금사과 (Golden Apple) - KBS2

WINNER: Lee Young-Ah

COMMENT: I tend to think Lee Young-Ah is just a tad overrated, but that's just me. At least Yoon Eun-Hye didn't win...

각본상 (Best Screenplay)

- 김도우 (Kim Do-Woo), 내이름은 김삼순 (My Lovely Sam-Soon) - MBC
- 문영남 (Moon Young-Nam), 장밋빛 인생 (Life in Pink) - KBS2
- 이정선 (Lee Jung-Seon), 굳세어라 금순아 (Be Strong, Geum-Soon) - MBC

WINNER: Kim Do-Woo

COMMENT: No surprise.

인기상 (Most Popular)

현빈 조현재 현영 김아중 (Hyun Bin, Jo Hyun-Jae, Hyun Young, Kim Ah-Joong)

as for my predictions... 6 out of 16 (if you count the 'insanity' bit). Maybe I should just stop predicting things....

[Source: Baeksang Awards]

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TiGrBaLmMarch 22, 2006 4:46 PM

anyone know if this will be broadcast on SBSs international channel?

xMarch 22, 2006 6:49 PM

nominees are official, and I think netizens will only influence the popularity vote and the 'New Actor' awards. There's a jury for the other awards.

As for King and The Clown... well... no comment. When the DVD is out I'm going to review it, and it's probably gonna take another double serving like Duelist.

But my choosing Ha Jung-Woo over him is by no means a knock on Lee Joon-Gi. He was excellent, it's just that Ha Jung-Woo was better.

As for Best Film... seriously, any of the nominees would have me smiling. I liked them all.

priscillaMarch 22, 2006 7:51 PM

THANKS FOR COVERING THIS UP!!! I actually wrote the following at Seo Dong Song's thread in soompi, but again... I might just as well post it here... sorry for being soooo JHJ focus!!!

I remember covering this Award a great deal last year, since MISA was among the nominees. Although the movie section is the MAIN COURSE, the following is about the TV SECTION.

This year, I was hoping to see RESURRECTION give a stronger race, but like Mr. X mentioned, this award isn't known to be too fair. It's more for commercial publicity... I'm just glad to see Uhm Tae Woong among the best actors nominees. I laughed at the way Mr. X put this: Who should win? ~ Eom Tae Woong. Who will probably win? ~Eom Tae Woong, or insanity! LOL... I sure hope so!

And I knew that Lee Byung Hoon PD was nominated for best director for SDY. I was surprised Mr. X thought he might win... maybe he's right, WHICH PD is as famous and as respected as he is???? But to be honest with you, as much as I love this drama, I feel he doesn't deserve the BEST DIRECTOR prize... at least not for Seo Dong Yoh... This drama's characters are alive, so much that they come up in my dreams, that's right... but there were too many messy corners, too many smaller characters that were there only as wooden decoration, too many scenes that needed to be connected with each other in smoother ways... Too many small mistakes... Like I said before, maybe it's not his fault, maybe it's just SBS and the pressure he got from them to 'please the audience' regardless of the quality of the drama... and the fact that SBS didn't want to invest too much money of 'serious' stuff... But the result is less than perfect... this is the reason Mr. X calls this drama LBH PD's worst drama in 10 years... As a SDY addict, I hate to say this, but I know where Mr. X is coming from...

I'VE A BIGGER REASON why I'm keeping an eye on this award. Did you guys know that Jo Hyun Jae and Lee Bo Yong are nominated for the MOST POPULAR STARS? BIG DEAL! :phew: ~ Soooooo many stars are nominated there I shouldn't care too much about this. Especially since, from what I've seen from previous years, this section is the most 'manipulated' by the organizers. This section is open to the public for voting, but it's 'charged' voting. Meaning: viewers need to pay in order to vote, and the organizers make filthy money this way! But the tricky part is that... after making viewers pay so much money and vote for their favorites... in the end, they delete those nominees they don't feel like giving a prize to, and they magically pull out their own winners... (Am I speculating too much???)

For example, last year... do you know who was getting the greatest number of popularity votes? ~Bi, no wonder. And I think Kwon Sang Woo and So Ji Sub behind Bi... (SJS was also nominated in BEST ACTOR'S category....) In the end, NONE OF THEM won! Cuz the judges decided to give these awards to SBS favorites (BTW, this award is sponsord by SBS...) Last year, I was just happy that SJS won the best actor's award I could close my eyes to what happened with the popularity vote, but I did learn that similar thing happened the year before last year...

A sign of improvement from last year is the fact that they've taken the BEST ACTOR/ACTRESS category out of the public voting system. Yeah... funny as this may sound, last year... they were making viewers vote for those categories as well... cuz yea, it was their chance to make easy money, but isn't that a POPULARITY VOTE rather than BEST ACTOR/ACTRESS???? Who were they trying to FOOL??? (But viewers, even knowingly, would still vote for their favorites, and complain LATER!!!) They're still 'asking' the public to choose the BEST ROOKY STAR though....

LET ME GET TO THE POINT. As you can see, I've no confidence in the fairness of this award and I fear they may delete their names out of the race at any time... but for now, do you know WHO'S GETTING THE GREATEST number of popularity votes? You guessed it: Jo Hyun Jae is! As of today, JHJ's having 26.49% of the votes, Lee Dong Wook (from MY GIRL) has 23.2%, HyunBin 11.18%. (Other nominees are, Lee Jun Ki, Lee Wan, Dennis Oh, Go Soo, Uhm Tae Woong, Daniel Henney, Chun Jung Myung, Jung Joon Ho).

You can check the results for yourself. He's in the 인기상 (Popular Award) of the TV Section here: http://enports.joins.com/100sang/vote_04.html

Actually, JHJ was having the greatest popularity votes during the 2005 SBS Acting Awards, but he was only given the 10th Best Actor's Awards... so we shall see what happens now... Besides, since I don't live in Korea, I must rely on News Articles to have an estimated idea on how popular a star is. Even till this day, there are not too many articles on JHJ... I feel the media's still not sure of who he is. So I was surprised to find out he's getting more votes than Lee Dong Wook is...

nkw88March 22, 2006 9:37 PM

We don't have Emmy type TV show award or SAG type actor's award.
In this situation, Baeksang is a few 'fair' competition award on TV
and as afair and resonable as Korean Film Award on film.
Actually, I don't trust Blue Dragon Award as much as Korea Film
Award and Baeksang.

xMarch 23, 2006 2:26 AM

oh nothing you can 'prove', as awards always go down to the jury's opinion (jury which, by the way, is made for 2/11th by Chosun Ilbo editors/journalists), but they always seem to go the easy way (popularity) over films with touchy subjects. Dongmakgol (which Chosun Ilbo called something like 'Welcome To Kim Il-Sung Land') was ignored if not for a few ancillary awards, nothing for Im Sang-Soo, you know... I could take every single one of their 26th Editions and pick out sore spots. But they always seem to go for 'wholesome entertainment' which doesn't bother the Chosun Ilbo party line, over edgier films which might bother them a little. Of course that's not always the case, but I get increasingly suspicious every year. Maybe because the Chosun Ilbo is getting nastier with their propaganda.

DavidMarch 23, 2006 11:58 PM

이영애 (Lee Young-Ae), 친절한 금자씨 (Sympathy For Lady Vengeance) is the best

AjushiMarch 26, 2006 11:50 AM

mmm....its kinda sad Lee Dong-Wook or My Girl not nominated.But a bit happy Lee Da-Hee been nominated,Bhasyaa!.Not forget congrat to sam soona nuna n samshika.Go guys...

atrejuApril 2, 2006 3:43 AM

A final list of nominees have just been announced. Not sure exactly how the procedure works, but the above list is trimmed down to 5 nominees per category.


xApril 2, 2006 5:06 AM

Fixed. Now most of the nominations make a little more sense. And Eom Tae-Woong should win easily. Otherwise they're crazy.

aniesApril 14, 2006 5:57 AM

ko soo's name should b shortlisted in the nominatiopn!!!his acting in "green rose" was SUPERB!!!!!!!

pumaApril 14, 2006 1:37 PM

Oh no, Kim Ju-Hyeok? Insanity? =P

thunderboltApril 14, 2006 1:50 PM

DANG! Eom Tae-woong lost!!! I can't believe it.

But yay, congratulations to Lee Jun-ki!
And to Lee Myung-se for Duelist.

MarianneApril 14, 2006 2:43 PM

I think Kim Sun Ah is more deserving to win the Best TV Actress Award! I'm expecting her to WIN! Why did it happen? Gosh! For me, Kim Sun Ah is the best!

Congrats Hyun bin for the popularity award and the Kim Sam Soon team for grabbing awards!

sHeApril 14, 2006 5:09 PM

Congrats LEE YOUNG AE your the best!!!

ZombieApril 14, 2006 7:32 PM

Unbelievable that Kim Ju-Hyeok could win the best drama actor award.

ann tanApril 16, 2006 3:58 PM

EOM TAE WOONG SHOULD WIN!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!! no offense to Kim Joo Hyuk,,performance was just so-so in Lovers in Prague..

NeoApril 16, 2006 4:50 PM

Lee Young deserves to win!!!!!!she's the best

MiraApril 22, 2006 4:45 PM

I think Kim Sun Ah should win the Best Leading Actress for Tv.. She's totally great in potraying the character of Kim Sam Soon in My Lovely Sam Soon... Whatever it is, you are the best, Kim Sun Ah.. Hoping to see more of you with Hyun Bin!! :)

wendyAugust 18, 2006 11:18 AM

Regarding the best actress, I have watched the film of SFLV and other actress's film, I do think Lee youngae is very great!
I really appreciate Lee Youngae. Her performance is very impressive.Compared with Jeon Do-Yeon, Lee Youngae should deserve the winner prize!

SiannyAugust 23, 2006 8:19 AM


GeoMay 1, 2007 11:37 AM

As far as I know the biggest and longest running south korean moviea award is the Grand Bell. It's the more prestigious and it's list in the IMDB as Korean main movie award ceremony.