Mark Anthony Vadik's THE THIRSTING, w/ Tina Krause, Jacqueline Hickel, Nikki Gahan, Cortney Pahlke,

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The official website for Mark Anthony Vadik's The Thirsting isn't online yet; however, the URL for it is . There's a downloadable trailer for the movie on the website of Vadik's production company, BYOB Multimedia Productions Inc..

The screenplay for The Thirsting was written by Vadik. The movie apparently stars Tina Krause as Lilith/Sister Katherine (Krause - a.k.a. Mia Copia - was in Todd Russell and Donald Smith's Shoot the Girls), Jacqueline Hickel as Mary, Nikki Gahan as Clareese, Cortney Pahlke as Michelle, Lauren Ryland as Jackie, Lauren McCarthy as Tiffany, Mickey Rooney as Savy/Senoi, Ron Fitzgerald as the nightmare doctor, Jason Palmer as Father Palmer, Naomi Knight as stripper #1, Crystal Carmichael as stripper #2, Brian Cade as Randy, Sydney Maggio as young Katherine, Gary Sugarman as Sammangelof, Charlie Beck as Sansenoi, Heather Saliny as the Mother Superior, Doug Lamoreux as the bartender, Rachel Kirchman as the receptionist.

Here's a synopsis for The Thirsting from BYOB Multimedia Productions' website: "Mary, Clareese, Michelle, Jackie, and Tiffany are in their senior year at a small Catholic college. They are all on the girls' volleyball team and all in the same senior seminar. In their class, they are given what turns out to be literally a 'killer assignment' about Adam's first wife - Lilith. When they accidentally summon the spirit of the Mother of All Demons, all hell breaks loose for these girls! Attacking them in their dreams, in order to devour their souls, Lilith turns their secret desires and memories into deadly nightmares as she decides which of these 'Daughters of Eve' should host her demonic spirit."

Below is a synopsis for The Thirsting from this MySpace page for the movie.

The Thirsting is a derivation of the Lilith mythos taken from biblical texts. It centers around the story of a nun, Sister Katherine (Tina Krause), who fled to the Church seeking comfort from memories of ritualistic abuse as a child in an effort to get her to voluntarily host the spirit of Lilith - Adam's first wife and the mother of all demons.

While supervising a senior college retreat, her students - Mary, Clareese, Michelle, Jackie, and Tiffany - are given an assignment to research various pagan beliefs and compare them to Catholic figures. Despite the efforts of three Arch-Angels - Senoi (Mickey Rooney), Sansenoi, and Sammangelof - to warn the girls not toy with the occult, they do.

When the girls accidently summon Lilith, all hell breaks loose. Lilith attacks them in their dreams, in order to consume their souls, turning their secret desires and memories into deadly nightmares as she twists the girls' dreamworld into deadly reality.

The Thirsting trailer (downloadable 8.8 MB MOV file - viewer discretion is advised)

BYOB Multimedia Productions: The Thirsting
Alternative Cinema: Shoot the Girls

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mensainMarch 25, 2006 8:54 AM

I hope the Da Vinci Code puts the final nail in the "twisted catholic church angle" coffin, because this whole thing is as dead as a dumpster hooker.

dannyJune 10, 2006 1:28 AM

The trailer is top notch. Premature comments about the quality of the movie from those who have not seen it (mensain) have no credibility at all. Because the trailer is so professionally done, my interest is definitely stimulated. I hope for the best for this new film maker.

sydneyOctober 8, 2006 8:08 AM

hey wat about me im part of the cast?

kurt swansonNovember 4, 2006 12:17 AM

any one know how to get this movie.dvd?

RyanFebruary 26, 2007 2:51 AM

How can I buy this DVD?? I Really want it!!!!