Tre Volte Del Terrore (Three Faces Of Terror). by Sergio Stivaletti (2004). Italian DVD June 10th 20

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...with English Subtitles, and English Audio track also.

Anyhow, Stivaletti last Directed 'MDC' in 1997 (aka 'Maschera Di Cera' or 'Wax Mask' which was written by Dario Argento and Lucio Fulci - I think Argento was Producer on it, and Fulci was to have Directed but passed away before filming started). Stivaletti is best known as a special effects man, and has worked on more recent Argento movies, and also Dellamorte Dellamore back in 1994 amongst many famous European Horror pieces.

The DVD can be ordered as a bog-stadard disc for 14 euros, or a 3-Disc set for just 22 euros - at places in Italy like by putting the title into the search engine there. Shipping prices I don't know, should be reasonable.

The Official Site for the film (which includes trailers) is still online here. I saw the trailer a long time ago, surprised to find this disc mentioned just now as 'coming soon' over at HorrorHQ.

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