Fafner (aka 'Soukyuu no Fafner' or 「蒼穹のファフナー」). R1 USA DVDs Begin July 5th 2005.



Another highly anticipated and very recent anime show gets a firm start date for its R1 discs, and this time it's one of those that has an almost obsessive following - not unusual amongst shows that stand out amongst all the stuff still ongoing or recent in Japan.

Anyway, this was announced as 'coming soon' within the last couple of weeks or so, and now AnimeOnDVD have put up the first date.

To find out a little more, here's the Official Japanese Site which has lots of previews in various formats. The the Animenfo page with an overview (25 episodes at 24 minutes each by the way), and finally the AnimeNewsNetwork page which is full of all the stuff you can use to get a sense of the show without downloading movies.

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