The Island Trailer and Michael Bay's Enormous Ego ...

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Spotted a note over on AICN that the trailer for Michael Bay's The Island is up so I just had to take it for a spin ... I've got to say that when he stays away from the "GO USA!" rah rah that I really like Michael Bay. I can't think of anyone working today who blows stuff up better than Bay and for that fact alone - well, that and the fact that he dropped expensive cars off the back of high speed transport trailers in his last film - the man has a place in my heart.

So ... The Island trailer. The format is far too small. That is the only bad thing I have to say about it. Beautifully shot, great cast, solid premise and the first half is enough to make you think that the man has turned a corner and gone out and made himself a thoughtful piece of philosophical sci-fi, something we don't get nearly enough of on these shores. Then stuff starts blowing up, people run frantically and, yes, another high speed car wreck. Nummy. If he comes even close to balancing the two sides of this one out it'll be the big summer blockbuster for me ...

So the trailer had me thinking good thoughts about the man. Then I went to the website and was treated to a lovely string of Michael Bay glamor shots. Stop that Michael. You're not actually that attractive and nobody much cares what you look like. Just blow stuff up. And stop trying to sell your movies based on the fact that you made Pearl Harbor. People don't like that one.

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