Movie queen Hillary Si Wangke opens the mouth greatly to eat

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I don't know what is more fun about this...

One: How refreshing is it to see a bonafied movie star like Hillary Swank chowing down on a burger after her Oscar win?

Or Two: The Babelfish translation of the article from

Experienced has been lucky the rug and the long promulgation ritual, the stomach rumbling with hunger stars marches into the Kodak theater two buildings banquet halls participation "governor the dance party".

Movie queen Hillary Si Wangke one, becomes the evening banquet focal point immediately. "We planned first greatly eats, otherwise I had to faint have passed." Si Wangke said that, "meets us to have to go to ' the fame and fortune field ' to send to, took off shoes afterwards, lets Zha De help me the massage. Cracks a joke! Evening only then just started." The husband Luo river received the speech stubble to say that, "This is an extraordinary night, we too were happy. Many this professions people also obtain the work in the dream, but occupies this position we really to be supposed to thank God." -odd wonderful translation

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jasonMarch 2, 2005 8:40 PM

god i love babelfish so much. it's so awesome to read translated stuff. awesome pic of swank, too!

here are some recent translations of my own (cause i've been writing them down):

"Reverse Alcoholic Beverage", "Home Production Donkey v2.74", "Phone Hairiness OH!"

reedMarch 3, 2005 12:55 AM

Heee. Speech stubble.