Eccelston quits Dr. Who after one season

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Well this just plain sucks. Having no previous connection with the Dr. Who universe I rather enjoyed Christopher Eccleston in the title role but the BBC has reported that he has quit the BBC's new Doctor Who series after just one episode of the new series aired. The actor only signed for the current series of 13 episodes.

The first episode attracted around 10 million viewers in its premiere on March 26, and Eccleston feared being typecast, the network said. He said that he is planning new projects and that he found filming the series gruelling. Christopher, who is dating TV actress Siwan Morris, said he found it demanding being away in Cardiff to film the 13 episodes.

He hinted that he could be set to quit, saying: "I might be the first Doctor to just appear in one series, It's been brilliant to make but it's hard work. It's a long time to be away from home. It's hard on anyone in a relationship. It would be great to have a 10th Doctor, then an 11th. The show will go on and on - it's not about me."

Talks are taking place to replace him with the star of the BBC3 show Casanova, David Tennant. According to DailyRecord other contenders included Love Actually star Bill Nighy, Harry Potter actor David Thewlis, and comedian Eddie Izzard.

The good news is that Billie Piper, who plays Doctor Who's assistant, Rose, and is incredibly hot, is expected to continue her role. I could watch her run away from evil all day.

Eccleston's last appearance is expected to be in a Christmas special.

via BBC and DailyRecord.

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