Patrick Stewart on X3 and Superman 5

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Professor-X.jpg linked to an article with Patrick Stewart from Spaceview Magazine. Patrick talks about his future with X3 and the rumors that he is slated to play Jor El in the next Superman movie.

On X3: "Everyone, my colleagues and I, we are all very pleased to be involved on this film (X-Men 3). The filming would have to begin June 2005, because 20th Century Fox plans to release X-MEN 3 in July 2006. And it is not that simple to get all the cast together again. Unfortunately, Bryan Singer will not be involved this time, because he is directing the new SUPERMAN movie. And, as I said, is not certain that all the actors will be returning. But I am sure that Hugh Jackman will be back. He is such a crazy actor! I just saw him on stage in New York where he delivered such an extraordinary performance." Given the rumors we've been hearing about Berry and Jackman my heart would sink if Jackman didn't return to continue bearing his clwas. Barry? Meh. I can do without. It could be the running gag of the next film. "Anyone seen Storm?" "Aw Crackel. You just missed her. She went out to pick up some Elmer's White Paste Glue".

On Superman 5: "I also heard these rumors, [playing superman's father Jor El] but so far Bryan did not ask me about it. I had recently a small heart surgery - nothing serious - and while I was at the hospital, Bryan called me. We spoke a long time - yet he did not ask me. But since I am already in two big franchises, why not also in a third or a fourth?" Seriously now. Can anyone top Brando's performance? :::guffaw::: I think not. Dude was tight!

Casting rumors will circulate about both I am sure. Personally, I love the X-Men movies. They are my favorite comic book movies. I thought Stewart was perfectly cast in the role of Professor X. And I am cautiously optimistic about Superman. But only because Singer is at the helm and he's proven himself twice already with the first two X-Men. If it comes to be that Stewart is in both it doesn't sway me either way.

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