The Pacifier is My Pick to Win the Worst Film of the Year Razzie.

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Wow. Just wow. I'm fairly convinced that one day Vin Diesel will stumble across a perfect role or two and make himself a classic film but this aint it. The Pacifier is essentially a retread of Kindergarten Cop but it looks much, much worse. This is even more painful than that Son of the Mask trailer ... Click here to view the horror.

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IanNovember 19, 2004 9:01 PM

I watched them film some of the scenes at the Costco here in Mississauga. It looked silly then and it looks silly now.

Everyone was saying how Vin looks much smaller in person. He does. The action movies glorify him too much. I don't see how this film will be able to accomplish that feat though.

DonWooNovember 19, 2004 10:50 PM

I just smacked my forehead way too hard, and I blame Vin Diesel.