Takashi Miike. Big Spook War. In Trouble? Studio Fire in Japan.


Don Brown sent out an email over the weekend to various subscribers to the KineJapan mailing list. It reads :

"TOKYO Nov. 21 Kyodo - A fire broke out in the Kadokawa-Daiei movie studio in Chofu in western Tokyo early Sunday morning, burning down one of the studios, according to the Tokyo Fire Department and the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department.

The blaze that started at around 12:45 a.m. at the No. 3 studio of the Kadokawa-Daiei Studio completely destroyed its one-story, 720-square-meter building but no one was injured, the departments said, adding that styrene foam and paint stored in the studio were burned."

...so. This is the studio where Takashi Miike is or was filming "Big Spook War" apparently. Wether the production has been effected or not, i am sure it will at least suffer a slight delay. Anyone find out any more on this?

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