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Nick posted a link to the trailer for Imaginary Heroes a couple days ago and I've only just gotten around to looking at it now. This is a film that caught my eye at the Toronto Film Festival but I just wasn't able to work it into my viewing schedule and I'm kicking myself for it now ... it drew great reviews and that trailer makes it pretty obvious why.

Anyway, on to the new content ... I've just received an email pointing out that the official website for the film is now live here and it's a good one. Well designed, with lots of background information on the film and the film makers, image galleries, another link to that trailer up above, and more.

One thing that caught my eye on the Imaginary Heroes site was the director's bio ... I've commented before on the current batch of young American film makers who are currently on the rise and challenging the typical studio mindset - Wes Anderson, PT Anderson, Darren Aronofsky and Richard Kelly all fit the mold - and it looks as though we may have another to add to that list in writer / director Dan Harris. Nick mentioned the work on X2 and Superman, but that's only scratching the surface ... work on Ender's Game, Logan's Run, work writing one of the X Men comic titles, work on early drafts of the Fantastic Four and multiple awards for his early shorts. The guy's got a resume to kill for and he's, oh, six or seven years younger than I am. This simultaneously makes me very jealous and gives me happy thoughts about the future of American film.

Anyway ... all that to say go check out the site.

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