A Huge Stack of Banlieu 13 Trailers!

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Whee! We've posted a couple articles in the past about the Luc Besson produced martial arts action flick Banlieu 13 (check those posts out here and here) and for good reason ... this thing looks like a big bag chock full of stupid fun. Follow that first link up above and take a look at the demo reel to see just what sort of stuff these guys are capable of. It's madness, serious madness ...

Anyway ... I just received an email sending me here, a French site with enough Banlieu 13 trailers and footage that I could probably cut them up and reassemble the entire film out of their parts. Right at the top of the stack is the main trailer for the film in glorious high definition ... not only is it larger than anything on the official site, but it loads up way faster, too.

High art? Nope. But I really, really want to see this ...

Thanks to Gene for the heads up ...

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crazybeeNovember 12, 2004 4:15 PM

Yep, it looks awesome, and I hope it makes Cyril Rafaelli a star (I think I butchered his name, but you get it). The guy's incredible. Loved his fight with Jet Li in Kiss of the Dragon, too.

Brian LlapitanJune 14, 2005 9:05 PM

I saw this film at The Seattle International Film Festival last Saturday, and it is a really fun, exciting flick! The only problem is that the beginning 15 minutes are so intense that the rest of the film drags by comparison. A minor complaint, and here's hoping for a sequel.I have to go now, and try to resist the urge to jump off a parking structure or run up and over a moving car.