Teaser Trailer For "The Ring 2"


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Not that I had any complaints with the first "The Ring" re-make, aside from the fact that I had seen it before and knew pretty much all that was going to happen (can't wait until "The Grudge" re-make does the same thing) but I like the fact that "The Ring 2" was directed by Hideo Nakata, the man responsible for the first two Japanese Ring films as well as "Dark Water" which is also being remade with Jennifer Conelly in the lead role. From the looks of this teaser trailer - and as teasers go this is pretty decent - "The Ring 2" looks to be as good as the first re-make. So turn out your lights, and click your left mouse button here for the trailer and the website. "The Ring 2" is set to be released March 18, 2005.

Via Comingsoon.net

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