Kevin Smith on "The Green Hornet" Script, "Clerks" Sequel, A "Star Wars" Tv Show and Love For Ben Af

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I remember watching "Clerks" for the first time in highschool and laughing so loud in my friend Ian's living room that his mother yelled at us. I've been an outspoken, character quoting fan of Kevin Smith ever since and seem to always be wanting to know whats going on in the world of "Smith". I came across this interview with him at Comics2Film from the "Surviving Christmas" premiere (obviously there to laugh at a certain Mr. Affleck) and it's a pretty decent look in on him.

In the interview Smith shed's light on writing "The Green Hornet" script (which he says will be done by Nov. 1/04), why he decided to do a sequel to "Clerks", hanging out at Quentin Tarantino's house, the rumour of his involvement in a "Star Wars" tv show and the love needs on Ben Affleck (whuh?). Go on, read away people.

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