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Some early reviews of the DVD edition of the original Star Wars Trilogy have started to appear online. I'm still torn over whether to pick these up. On the one hand these are classic films of my youth. I saw the originals countless times and my Star Wars toys were staples of my childhood. Seriously, life would have been very different for me if not for Star Wars. But because of how much they meant to me when young Lucas' constant tinkering with the films and steadfast refusal to ever allow anyone to see them in their original form again has left such a sour taste in my mouth that I think those early memories may be tainted forever. I just can't watch these things any more without being angry over the treatment the originals have received since and without a bitter sense of disappointment over how the prequels turned out. So maybe, maybe not.

Anyway ... reviews are here and here. Links courtesy of Logboy.

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