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THE NATURE OF LOVE Review: A Tale of Romance, Philosophy and the Power of Classic Love Ballads

Magalie Lépine-Blondeau and Pierre-Yves Cardinal star in French-Canadian writer-director-actor Monia Chokri's sexy new film.

Toronto 2017 Review: LES AFFAMÉS, The Things They Carried

While many zombie films are set in rural areas, the characters of such films are usually urban dwellers who have escaped cities in the hopes that the countryside is safer, that any possible survivors might be more welcoming, and remoteness...

Toronto 2017: LES AFFAMES Clip, Because Even Zombie Killers Need a Theme Song

It's a cool, overcast day. A breeze is rippling gently through the air. An anonymous car pulls to a stop. The radio plays a pleasant French-language tune. Then a stranger lurches into view. And then WAM! WAM! WAM! WAM! Beware...