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LAST HURRAH FOR CHIVALRY Blu-ray Review: Heroic Brotherhood, Clashing Swords

Directed by John Woo in 1979. Criterion's new disc looks properly awesome.

Hong Kong goes West - When Hong Kong film makers attempt to break the Western market - part 2

Moving into the 1990’s Golden Harvest would once again make an attempt for American success. Unfortunately their first American made film of the decade was the poor China O Brien (1990), an attempt by Golden Harvest to launch star Cynthia...

Forgotten Classics - Lam Nai-Choi's Men from the Gutter (1983) and the changing face of Hong Kong Cinema

Men from the Gutter was made in 1983 towards the end of Shaw Brothers Studios successful run of films. Beginning in the early 1950’s and running up until the company decided to mainly suspend the film making division of their...