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SXSW 2024 Review: THE MOOGAI, An Examination Of Indigenous Trauma Let Down By Flaccid Script

An Aboriginal demon steps in for the real-life enduring trauma of Australia’s “Stolen Generations” in Jon Bell’s debut feature, The Moogai. Government sponsored assimilation programs ripped tens of thousands of Aboriginal children from their families to be placed with white...

TALK TO ME Review: From Viral Sensation to Ritual Nerve-Shredding

Danny Philippou and Michael Philippou directed the thriller from Australia, starring Sophie Wilde, Joe Bird, Alexandra Jensen, Otis Dhanji, and Miranda Otto.

Sundance 2023 Review: TALK TO ME, Creepy Embalmed Hand Leads to Horrific Results

Somewhere around the 30-minute mark in Danny and Michael Philippou’s (YouTube’s RackaRacka duo) feature-length debut, Talk to Me, an act of supernaturally motivated violence unfolds onscreen that will leave even the most jaded, skeptical “seen-it-all” horror fan shaking in their...