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Now Streaming: M3GAN UNRATED, Unleashed, Undaunted, Unstoppable

Allison Williams, Violet McGraw and Ronny Chieng star in a thriller, directed by Gerard Johnstone, now streaming on Peacock TV in both the unrated and theatrical release versions.

Review: M3GAN, You've Got a Friend in Her?

On the one hand, society (or much of it) constantly teases girls for playing with dolls, seeing it as something trite, cute, femme, and most of all, a sign of weakness and docility. On the other hand, if a lot...

Review: MALIGNANT, James Wan Makes a Triumphant Return to the Horror Genre

As Captain & Tennille sang in the last century, love will keep us together. Unless, of course, that same love results in not just one bloodbath but two ridiculously over-the-top bloodbaths within the last twenty minutes of horror auteur James...